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Certifications for our dyes testifying to their quality and respect of the environment

Our factory based in Saint-Marcel is a SEVESO III upper tier site. People and the environment are two major considerations at the heart of our decisions and our strategic choices:

  • Supplying compliant Products and Services
  • Respecting regulatory requirements
  • Preventing pollution and improving the quality of our emissions
  • Ensuring the safety of our facilities

Our management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998 and ISO 14001 certified since 2007. We choose to base our management on the 2015 version in order to increase our flexibility, our level of compliance and thereby meet the expectations of our customers. Our employees are the heart and wealth of the company and their commitment and involvement have helped to preserve the company’s long history of expertise. This approach has been instrumental in building the image of the STEINER brand and consolidating our reputation.

Dye synthesis involves the use of dangerous raw materials. That is why we undertake to source them in compliance with the constantly changing regulatory requirements. We have been recognised for having designed and implemented an innovative collective protection system for our operators.

In this era of sustainable development, we have also signed the ‘Responsible Care’ charter drawn up by France Chimie. Finally, we also take part in collective national and regional initiatives. In this context, we have been awarded the EMERIT (territorial challenges, control, environment and industrial risks) certificate.

Dye production generates significant discharges to water. In 1994 we acquired our own on-site water treatment plant. Thanks to this facility, the commitment of our HSE department and the constant involvement of the teams, we have since reduced by a factor of 10 our discharges into the environment.

An efficient monitoring system, a rigorous training programme, ambitious objectives and on-site treatment facilities enable us to guarantee you a dye which not only offers high quality but which also takes into account, from its design, all the human and environmental aspects.

REACH regulation

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 came into force in 2007 in order to improve the handling of chemical substances and thereby protect human health and the environment.


In 2008 we created a cross-functional steering committee in order to manage internally the obligations of this regulation. We took this opportunity to increase our knowledge of the chemical composition of our products, selecting substances of the future and defining the constraints to be complied with for their safe use.

In 2018, we finalised the registration of our dye ranges produced in France and their raw materials, often imported.

We now have better knowledge of the chemical substances we use and their impacts on human health and on the environment. We are committed to keeping this knowledge up to date and sharing it with our customers to ensure our products are handled and used correctly.

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