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About us

Our business: dye producer

At Steiner, we are proud to be a European dye manufacturer. Founded by the Steiner family in 1881, since 2007 we have continued our expansion as part of the Axyntis group. A leader in fine chemicals in France, we have a strong industrial presence.

Discover Axyntis Group

Located in Saint-Marcel in the Eure department of France, we are one of the few factories in Europe to have the expertise and facilities enabling us to oversee every stage of dye production. We design, synthesise and formulate dye solutions mainly for the paper and oil industries.

We are chemists and we think in colour. Our teams are on hand to support you in the application and use of our products on your site.

Our ambition: to become a leading supplier of dyes to the European market

In a market dominated by Asia, our aim is to further the expansion of our production facilities in France. Driven by strong social values, our objective is to continue to develop, while offering you products which respect people and the environment.

We believe that the future of our industry lies in the production and use of liquid dyes. Easier to handle, they are also less dangerous for operators. We make every effort to protect our employees, through the containment of raw materials and the automated transportation of goods, thereby contributing to a sustainable future for our customers and our employees.

Specialists in liquid dye manufacturing, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and in this way reduce, year after year, our environmental impact thanks to our own water treatment plant.

A committed company with strong values

Our values are the cornerstone of our strategy and are essential for the success of our company.


All the functions essential for satisfying our customers are centralised at the heart of our site in Saint-Marcel. We control the whole of the value chain: design, raw material procurement, synthesis, formulation, delivery and all the support functions, notably those relating to our social responsibility commitment.


Being agile is part of our DNA as a manufacturer. This is conveyed in our ability to adapt our industrial facilities, to consolidate our range of products and to optimise our logistical responsiveness ensuring we can continue to meet your ever more complex requirements and anticipate the evolution of our markets and our environment.


As our Saint Marcel site is a SEVESO plant, all our employees, whatever their mission, have received the relevant training and been made aware of the impacts of our activity on our environment. We are equally mindful of our responsibility towards you. You are at the heart of our processes. We listen to you, understand your specific challenges and endeavour to meet your requirements in terms of colour, quality and deadlines.

Discover our history

Unrivalled expertise in dye synthesis

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1881 - Creation of STEINER by Victor STEINER. Start of dye production

Début de la production de colorants.

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1986 - Creation of the Saint-Marcel site

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1970 - Launch of dye ranges for oil products

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1985 - Launch of ranges of basic and liquid direct dyes for paper

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1994 - Construction on the site of the waste-water treatment plant

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1997 - Purchase of STEINER by the ORGASYNTH group

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2001 - Purchase of the OIL activities of ROHM & HAAS

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2007 - Spin off of ORGASYNTH and creation of the AXYNTIS group, current shareholder of STEINER.

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2008-2015 - Renovation of the synthesis workshop and containment of raw materials.

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2018 - Finalisation of the REACH registration of our dyes.

An international vocation

From our creation, we gradually expanded and developed across our original territory: France. Europe then naturally became our market. Over the last 10 years, we have been focusing on expanding and promoting our products across the whole world.

Our products are now available on 4 continents and in more than 50 countries, directly or through our distributors and agents. To be put into contact with one of our agents, contact us now.

Let's stay in touch

If you would like more details about our products or dye solutions, call us or send us an email using the contact form.