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Oil industry

Steiner, a leading supplier of oil markers and dyes

Oil dyes and markers are used to authenticate fuels in order to

  • Differentiate between brands or products
  • Fight against fraud, theft, counterfeiting
  • Improve the quality of fuels to comply with national policies
  • Differentiate between fuels subject to different taxation levels

We are chemists dedicated to colour. Over the years our teams have developed real expertise in the synthesis, formulation, detection and quantification of Dyes and Markers for the oil industry, thanks to proven methods and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment (HPLC, GC/MS, IR, UV Spectrophotometry, etc.).

Moreover, oil dyes and markers are substances formulated in solvents which require effective protection of operators. As the formulator of these products, assisting you in protecting your employees is a critical and integral part of the service we provide.

Denaturing Solutions and Gas Oil Markers

In Europe, and depending on the policy of each member state, some fuels are subject to lower tax rates:

  • Home heating oil (HHO)
  • Non-road gas oil
  • Lamp oil
  • Agricultural diesel
  • Marine diesel oil

European regulations (2011/544/EU) stipulate that these lower-taxed fuels must contain between 6.0 and 9.0 mg/l of the Euromarker Solvent Yellow 124. In addition, each member state determines the tax rate imposed on its fuels and the colour (Blue, Red, Green, etc.) used to distinguish between them. Thereby, to satisfy the regulations of the different Member States, we have developed a range of Gas Oil Markers (GOM) and Denaturing Solutions, formulated with specific quantities of Euromarker and dyes. These products used in accordance with the specific dosages in force in each country guarantee that the fuels marked in this way comply with the different regulations.

From our platform in Saint-Marcel in the Eure department (France), we formulate and distribute our products, in drums or in containers, across the whole continent. Our fleet of road tankers enables us to make bulk deliveries to oil refineries and terminals.

By choosing Steiner for your denaturing solutions and your Gas Oil Markers, you are guaranteed:

  • Precise dosage of your dyes and markers
  • Dyes registered in accordance with REACH regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006
  • Reliable and responsive logistic partners, in compliance with ADR regulations
  • Our expert technical support and assistance.

Carburex range

Our CARBUREX range offers a complete palette of liquid and powder dyes enabling you to distinguish between your fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbons. Our CARBUREX products comply with REACH (EC) No. 1907/2006 regulations in non-flammable solvents and are distributed across the world.

Oil markers

More than just a dye manufacturer, we are now also a major player in the fight against fuel fraud. We are constantly assessing our business and especially the added value applications that our dyes and markers can offer you.

You face significant challenges:

  • Authenticating your fuels to fight against theft or fraud
  • Quality tracing of your products
  • Preventing adulteration

To meet these requirements, we have developed global solutions, dyes, markers and dye, marker and tracer packages as well as associated services. We can thereby develop quantitative detection methods for our products, advise you on the equipment required and participate in the training of your operators. A real partner to your company, we work with you to implement these solutions guaranteeing complete confidentiality.

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