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Steiner, producer of Cellusol® liquid direct dye

We are a major player in Europe in the synthesis and formulation of liquid Direct dyes. A chemist and dye manufacturer, our recognised expertise has enabled us to develop a range of products which meet the requirements for the manufacture of packaging paper and cardboard, tissue paper, office and printing paper and special papers:

  • CELLUSOL: liquid direct anionic dyes
  • DIRECT: powder direct anionic dyes
  • STENACOLOR and VISCOLOR: aqueous pigment dispersions

We develop a real partnership with our customers based on our experience and our focus on the following factors:


  • Recruitment and training of experts specialised in paper dyes
  • Selection and design of dyes to comply with the Ecolabel and Food Contact regulations
  • Control of the whole dye synthesis process
  • Development of competitive solutions in our application laboratory
  • Creation of stable liquid formulations
  • Industrial testing by our technical teams on paper machines
  • Logistical responsiveness
  • REACH registration of our dyes

Liquid Cellusol dyes for cardboard and testliner paper

We offer a unique range of dyes for packaging cardboard, the most diversified on the market. We can produce the exact colour you want and optimise the dyeing cost while adapting to your process specifications:

  • Ready-to-use solution: mix of dyes formulated to order by our teams, to meet your specifications in terms of shade, colour fastness and use. This solution is the easiest to use.
  • Trichromatic solution: selection of basic dyes which are dosed on site to precisely create all the variations of kraft nuances you want. This process enables you to adjust the shade during production depending on the quality of the recycled paper.

From our Saint Marcel platform in the Eure (France), we distribute our CELLUSOL Browns in containers or road tankers across the whole continent, with unrivalled responsiveness. Of course, our range of CELLUSOL dyes complies with all current regulations and guidelines, notably BfR XXXVI.

CELLUSOL liquid direct dyes and DIRECT powders

We are chemists and we think in colour. This dual expertise has enabled us to develop a range of dyes and guarantee their quality, from the sourcing of the raw materials through to delivery.

We thereby assure the quality of our dye syntheses, by using the best production techniques available, which guarantees you traceability and reliability.

Our discharges to water are processed in our own treatment plant and meet all the current standards in force in France. We thereby ensure that the impact of our dyes on the environment is as low as possible.

Our direct dyes are available from stock under the brands CELLUSOL (liquid in water) and DIRECT (powder). They are REACH compliant and are used in the manufacture of paper for sanitary and domestic use (tissue), office and printing paper and speciality papers.

Working with our team of dye experts, specialists in the application of dyes to paper, you will discover all the benefits of Cellusol and Direct dyes:

  • Dyes with a high affinity and high tinctorial yield
  • Bright colours
  • Stable liquid solutions
  • Good lightfastness and bleedfastness
  • Low dyeing cost
  • Compliant with current regulations and guidelines (Ecolabel and BfR XXXVI)
  • Customised packaging

We can assist you in improving your productivity thanks to our expertise in:

  • The optimisation of your dyeing process
  • The formulation of recipes to obtain specific shades.
  • Physical and chemical properties (lightfastness, bleedfastness, backwaters, etc.)

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