You work in the oil industry

STEINER is one of the few European producers capable of producing the entire range of dyes intended for the oil industry at its French site.

We are able to secure our deliveries thanks to our 2 formulation sites located in France and the United Kingdom:
Continental Europe is supplied from our French site at Saint-Marcel where our dyes are made and the finished products are formulated in accordance with the legislation of each country.
The United Kingdom and Ireland
are supplied from our Stoke-on-Trent production site located in the English Midlands.

In the rest of Europe,
we use a network of agents, enabling us to guarantee a high level of customer proximity. 

Denaturing solutions and diesel markers

These products are intended for dyeing domestic heating oil, marine fuel and agricultural fuel, along with lamp oil, kerosene, etc.
These dyes are also used as non-fiscal markers to enable detection of fraud or theft.

Our red and blue denaturing solutions are dedicated to the French market and comply with French regulations. These solutions are available at different concentrations (1/1000 or 1/5000 and 1/10 000) and contain the European marker: liquid Solvent Yellow 124 (also called “Euromarker”).

They are used:
  • To mark low-duty oil products, such as home-heating oil (red), fishing diesel (blue), lamp oils (yellow).
  • For other non-fiscal marking designed to enable the detection of fraud or theft.
  • For the detection of leaks (lubricants, hydraulic fluids, cooling fluids, etc.)

Each European country has its own regulations relative to fuel-oil and engine fuel colouring to distinguish between fuels subject to different taxation levels. We have a product for each European company subject to fuel duties.

Our Diesel Markers are developed in accordance with the regulations of each particular country.
For example, we supply GOM PO25Y in Portugal and GOM CH25Y in Switzerland, etc.
Below is a list of the different solutions and the country in which they are applied:


The Carburex range

These are dyes that exist in different physical forms: liquid, fluid paste and powder.
Depending on the product to be dyed, it may be more practical to use a liquid, powder or fluid paste.

Carburex liquid dyes can be used to dye fuels and also serve to detect hydraulic leaks.

Carburex dyes in fluid paste form, a Steiner speciality, are mainly intended for lubricants but can be used in other products.

Carburex powder dyes are used for numerous applications, such as dyeing of fuel-oil and engine oil, greases, lubricants, plastics, waxes, candles, etc.

Our Subsidiary: STEINER UK

We have a subsidiary in England called STEINER UK.

This company produces and delivers solutions designed for the UK market: GOMC 1802Y and KMC 1802 Y.
We have a production site at Stoke-on-Trent so that we can quickly and efficiently supply the UK market.


Product Families
Product name
or Index Color

Paper industry

A major European player, we have built up a solid reputation for our expertise in the production of dyes for packaging cardboard/kraft paper, sanitary/tissue paper, office and graphic paper, special papers, etc. Our experts will advise you and help you optimise your dyeing costs on the basis of your specifications.

Textile industry

We propose comprehensive ranges for dyeing wool, polyamide and cellulose fibres: acid dyes, heliacids, sulphones, high-affinity dyes, stelanes, metalliferous dyes, “nylasol lumière” and “direct lumière” dyes (widely used to dye furnishing and clothing textiles).

Leather industry

Our expertise means that we can meet your quality requirements, whatever your support: wet section dyes, finishing dyes, and also auxiliary products necessary for dyeing operations.