Axyntis group

Leading fine and specialty chemicals company, French based, Axyntis independent group with its 350 employees offers a deep rooted technical experience -the history of dyes activity started in 1881 at Saint Marcel and the history of fine chemicals in 1879 at Grasse under the name “Schmoller et Bompard” for perfumery. This group designs innovative chemical processes and offers project management in close relationship with its customers.

Axyntis group has two divisions. One is dedicated to dyes: Steiner. One is dedicated to fine chemicals: Axyntis fine chemicals.

Each division has its specificity even if they share the same safety and environment policy as well as common services to develop synergies :

  • Orgapharm

    A polyvalent plant with high level cGMP compliance in both intermediate and API productions

  • Centipharm

    Fine organic chemical products with both high added value and high level GMP compliance

  • All’Chem

    For high production volumes and long-lasting production campaigns of chemical specialties

  • Synthexim

    A 24/7 production plant operating in a five shifts system to supply your fine organic chemicals

The dyes division, Steiner, is a synthetic dye producer since 1881. Dyes are formulated for petroleum, oils, paper, cardboard, leather, textile, wood, ink, plus various other applications. 80 people are working for Steiner in France, St Marcel, and produce 8000 tons of formulated products per year. Steiner R&D Laboratory - 10 people - formulates and develops new technologies for the future of our customers. Steiner customers are located in Europe, America, Africa, and in the entire Mediterranean Basin. Concerned by environment protection, Steiner is equipped with a water treatment station. Steiner is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Steiner has also a branch based in UK under the name of Steiner UK which operates for customers locally and brings an internal second source to secure the supply chain of its European customers.

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Oil and fuel industry

We produce denaturing solutions and diesel markers
Our products are intended for dyeing domestic heating oil, marine fuel and agricultural fuel, along with lamp oil, kerosene, etc. These dyes are also used as non-fiscal markers to enable detection of fraud or theft.

Paper industry

A major European player, we have built up a solid reputation for our expertise in the production of dyes for packaging cardboard/kraft paper, sanitary/tissue paper, office and graphic paper, special papers, etc. Our experts will advise you and help you optimise your dyeing costs on the basis of your specifications.

Textile industry

We propose comprehensive ranges for dyeing wool, polyamide and cellulose fibres: acid dyes, heliacids, sulphones, high-affinity dyes, stelanes, metalliferous dyes, “nylasol lumière” and “direct lumière” dyes (widely used to dye furnishing and clothing textiles).

Leather industry

Our expertise means that we can meet your quality requirements, whatever your support: wet section dyes, finishing dyes, and also auxiliary products necessary for dyeing operations.